Regioselective Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling (8/2017)

Our recent publication details a method to generate heterobiaryls using heteroaryl phosphonium salts as coupling partners with aryl boronic acids.  Phosphonium ions show orthogonal reactivity comparable to that of aryl halides and allow for broad substrate compatibility, including complex pharmaceuticals.  Congratulations Xuan. 


Publication in JACS (10/2016)

We would like to recognize and congratulate Michael Hilton and Ryan Dolewski for their recent publication on the selective functionalization of pyridines utilizing phosphonium salts.  

Selective Functionalization of Pyridines.gif

This marks our group's first publication at CSU and will inspire efforts for the transformation of N-heterocyclic phosphonium salts into medicinally relevant pyridine derivatives.